Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Mortley Sprague AC & DC actuator motors

CAMIS Electronics manufacture the Mortley Sprague brand of AC & DC actuator motors fitted to fighter aircraft ejector seats, including the Harrier, Jaguar and Tornado

Fighter Aircraft Ejector Seat

The photo above shows a Martin Baker ejector seat with the Mortley Sprague seat adjustment motor manufactured by CAMIS Electronics. These motors are precision built actuator motors which provide the necessary speed, torque/weight ratios and reliability required for such critical applications.

Part No. Description Martin Baker Part No.
01B06192 DC Motor type DM 8/5 MBEU41071
01B07012 DC Motor type DM 8/10 MBEU90223
01B07180 DC Motor type DM 8/12 MBEU100509
01B07336 DC Motor type DM 8/15 MBEU140645
01B07991 DC Motor type DM 8/16 MBEU111330
01B08075 DC Motor type DM 8/17 MBEU111862
01B08078 DC Motor type DM 13/6 MBEU111861
01B07318 AC Motor type AM 10/22 MBEU90765
01G08169 Brush Spares kit
01G07609 Brush Spares kit