For over 40 years CAMIS has been a specialist distributor supplying components from leading manufacturers such as:

Products include a range of micro-switches, foot switches,relays, timers, counters, sensors,contactors, monitoring and control devices, PLC’s and solid state relays.

From components supply to product assembly, CAMIS provides design assistance, technical support and a range of in-house-manufacturing facilities. This enables the integration of products within cable harnesses/wiring looms & control panels to provide a bespoke solution whether in small batch quantities or volume production. Facilities include

  • • Fully automated cable cutting, strip and crimp
  • • Control box assembly
  • • Overmoulding
  • • Epoxy potting
  • • Hot stamp cable marking

CAMIS customers who have benefitted from this complete ‘component supply to product assembly’ service come from a wide range of industries including: