Sunday, September 22, 2019


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Redesign of sensing controls used with airport baggage handling belts

Following the original unit becoming obsolete the product has been redesigned by CAMIS incorporating inductive sensors in a bespoke potted case for easy installation.

The design and manufacture of an Adiabatic cooling system main harness & pump loom

CAMIS engineers have designed a cost effective wiring harness assembly for office desk top air coolers which is now being manufactured and supplied monthly by the CAMIS Looms Division.

CAMIS Overmould Capability

A recent project has enabled the production of a special overmoulded limit switch, instead of using the normal potting process. This allows the overmould to be branded with the customers logo, there by providing...

An Innovative industrial tank cleaning project

involved Camis working closely with a major hydraulic company to provide a bespoke electrical/electronic interface solution. The final product allowed the tanks to be automatically cleaned to a satisfactory level of cleanliness that ensured...

A safety warning device for the trailer interface coupling on articulated vehicles.

Fifth Wheel 3 - Sensor Safety Coupling System Camis Engineers have been able to redesign a robust 3-sensor safety coupling system.  This is designed to work with the Fifth Wheel and will not allow the fifth...

An upgrade to a joystick control for off-road agricultural vehicles.

The customer requirement was for a 5 axis proportional control rather than the existing 3 axis. It was to be housed in a smaller enclosure and the existing toggle switches were to be replaced...