A safety warning device for the trailer interface coupling on articulated vehicles.

CAMIS help Haulage experts Fontaine Fifth Wheel Bring Safer Coupling.

In a joint venture with a sensor manufacturer, CAMIS engineers have been able to apply a cost reduced redesign to a vehicle cab warning system that checks the “fifth wheel” connecting the cab to its trailer is correctly positioned. CAMIS is now manufacturing and supplying these units in increasing numbers.

150SP2 fifth wheel with 3 sensor green LED

The pressed steel 150SP2 3 sensor uses a three-sensor safety system both to assist the driver during the coupling procedure and to alert the driver of mis-coupling or tampering: The fail-safe system continuously monitors the connection and is the first of its kind to alert the driver from inside the cab, using warning lights and a buzzer if the coupling is incorrect.

As with the 3000, the 150SP2 3 sensor uses an extended handle to make driver access and fifth wheel operation easier. Plus, the 150SP2 does not require a wear-ring and thus reduces kingpin wear.

Key facts:

  • Fit for… Flexible haulage volume carriers using two and three axle tractors
  • Standard Duty, 2″ on-road fifth wheel
  • Features patented TechLock® system with integral kingpin height sensor which prevents false coupling
  • Rated at 152kN D-Value and 20T imposed load (U
  • Supplied pre-drilled to fit all OEM chassis – the standard and medium duty fixed mounting plate is suitable for use with all Fontaine 2″ fifth wheels with DIN6 feet
  • Designed with Finite Element Analysis for low weight and high strength (combined weight of fifth wheel and mounting plate, from 160Kg)
  • Available with a wide range of handle and mounting options to suit any application
  • Comprehensive 4-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions)

3-Sensor safety coupling system – Key facts:

  • Suitable for all current fifth wheels.
  • When the trailer is coupled an amber LED on the fifth wheel will flash until the safety clip is in place.
  • When the safety clip is in place the amber LED is replaced by a continuous green LED.
  • The green LED indicates that the fifth wheel is correctly coupled with the kingpin in place.